Sitemap - 2023 - Sector 6 | The Newsletter of AIM

Intel’s Dream Coming True

You Are Fired

The Checkmate Move

Are You Ready for 2024?

The Rise of Indian Llamas

GPT-V Coming Soon?

A Tale of a Close Partnership

Addressing the Hathi in the Room

India's LLM Moment is Here

Google’s Q*?

MistralAI Reveals the Mystery

Intel Pushes the Nitro Button

The Fault in Gemini’s Stars

Winter is Here, And So is Gemini

SpaceX's Collaborative Orbit

AIM Daily XO

The Rise of the AI Dragon

Big-Tech Silicon War Begins

The LLM Race No One is Talking About

Attack on Titan

They Invent, Amazon Re-invents

Is Apple the Next Blackberry?

Quality over Quantity

India’s Deepfake Dilemma

Racing on-edge

OpenAI’s Loss, Competitors Gain

The Return of Altman

The Ultimate AI Weekend

Microsoft’s New Love

Microsoft Hits Tech Century as Kohli Creates History

Everybody Likes RAG

OpenAI’s Diwali Week

Ambient Computing is Here

The Runner Up is…

The Rise of AI Media (AIM)

Hello App Developer

Game On

Unprecedented Boom in Data Analytics & AI M&A

Chin up princess or the crown slips

Google Search Mania

No Tricks, Just M3 Treats

Intel’s New Love

Big Tech "GenAI" Quarterly Report

Indian IT ‘GenAI’ Quarterly Report

The Cost of Using LLMs

Welcome to the Era of AI Factories

Jarvis, you up?

AMD's CUDA Challenge

Nothing Like Cypher

Soon Smartphones will be Obsolete

Self-Driving Cars Pedalled a Lie So Far?

Fighting Attrition in Indian IT with Generative AI

Researchers Want Galactica Back

The Golden Goose of Generative AI

The Real ChatGPT is Finally Here

Should Meta AI be Worried?

The Oracle Effect

Benchmarking, the Indian Way

Making Generative AI Fun

Apple is Not Bananas over AI

If YouTube was a Chatbot

Multimodal Race Begins

It’s Now or Never for Meta

OpenAI’s High on Moral Compass

When AI Giants Compete, Consumers Win

Node.js Supremacy

Hallucinations Acche Hain

The AI Success Mantra

Please Don’t Throw Your Smartphone, Yet

Mojo🔥Steals the Show

Are You A Gamer, Yet?

Huawei to Transform Chip Game

When Jensen Was in Town

Oil Money is All You Need

XGBoost is the Secret of ML Energy

What A Waste of Time!

For the Love of PyTorch

India’s AI Moment is (Not) Here

Localisation of Gen AI in EU

Google’s Missed AI Opportunity

Back from the Brink

OpenAI Just Killed Thousands of Startups

NVIDIA Builds Safety Net

Tech Mahindra Finally Takes on OpenAI

Python Powers Excel

No More Bad News for OpenAI

Gen AI Awaits Indian Investments

The Unsung Hero of AI

Meta Activates Code Llama

ChatGPT Dead?

Microsoft’s Open-and-shut Case

Microsoft’s Private ChatGPT

Google DeepMind Mafia

The Ball’s in Your Court

OpenAI in Crisis

Shh… CUDA at Work!

Azure Cracks the Code

Are You Living in Musk's Simulation?

To Be or Not To Be

GPT-4, Multimodal?


Python Ditches GIL for AGI

Worldcoin Madness Begins

Nuke My Money

LLM Hallucinations 🤦

Quietly Selfish with My Apple

The Birth of Baby Llama

OpenAI is So NOT Done


The Rise of Generative AI Courses

Threading LLaMA

It’s Time to Take a Chill Pill

Musk Vs Zuck: Fight is Outside the Cage

Why So Desperate?

None Can Use AI Like Game Developers

A Groundbreaking Week of AI Collaboration

GPT-4 Was the Biggest Disappointment Ever

Don’t Mess With Me

Developers of ‘Stuff and Things’

OpenAI isn’t Exciting Any Longer

Error 404: Google Search Not Found

Indian IT Spices Up Generative AI with New Recipes


Neo-French Revolution

The Most Surreal AI Week Ever

AI Gold Rush Begins

The Birth of OpenAI Nemesis

The Struggle is Real

Stop Sulking, Start Building

When Uncle Sam Visited India

Reddit Maange More

Developers ❤ Apple

In C++ We Rust

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Dead But Alive

A New Era of Open-Source LLMs Begins

Cooling Servers Through Code

Semiconductor Dreams Shattered

Intel to Sail the Meteor Lake

Censorship is Killing ChatGPT

Run, Don’t Walk

Microsoft Unleashes Copilot Experience for All

Why IT has Become the Sweet Spot for Generative AI

Text-to-Animation: A Lost Race for Some

Google Unleashes Generative AI Without A Moat to Defend

Assassin GPT or Saviour GPT

ChatGPT Clears UPSC Prelims

Stop Comparing AI with A-Bomb

The Most Disastrous Week in AI Ever

Chatbots are Poisoned

The Trust Issue Paradox

Dogs Don’t Bark Anymore, They Speak

Generative AI for Greed

The Subtle Art of Technology Enablement

Big Tech’s Revenue Soars, Indian IT Plummets

Customer Turned Competitor

Databricks’ Unsexy Success

Google or Microsoft?

Stay Weird 🤪

Who Will Rule The World?

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Replit Outshines Amazon & Microsoft

Amazon Crashes the GAI Party with a Bang!

Data is Dead 💀

Uploading Consciousness 🤯

The Brain Drain Effect

The Quiet Storm

Elon The Brilliant Loser

Google Gone Bard

The Fault in Our Stars

The Odds are Stacked Against You!

LLaMA Fever

Without Regulation, it’ll be Disaster

Open Letter To Pause AI Experiments Makes ‘ZERO’ Sense

Chip Industry Ditches US for China

Why So Quiet?

Chip Designs Redefined

A Little Bit More Love

NVIDIA will Kill Them All

The Most Insane Week in The History of AI

When Recession Hit Hard

You're Living in a Simulation, Wake Up!

Who Am I?

How Irresponsible!

AI Week That Was

No Foxy Business 🦊

For the Love of Art

Microsoft OpenAI’ffair

Friend or Foe

Now or Never

A Tale of Love for “Her”

LLaMA Leaked

The Revolution that Never Happened

The Curious Case of ChatGPT API Pricing

ChatGPT Threat Alert 🚨

GitHub Copilot: Indian IT Skepticism

ChatGPT Fails UPSC Prelims

DeepMind in Deep Dilemma

For Google, Automotive is the New Black

Business (Un)Intelligence

An Offer Apple Can’t Refuse

Diamonds, Quantum and Beyond

Time to Snap Out of Hallucinations

Do You Believe In Second Chances?

Diamond Cuts Diamond

OpenAI Hype Cycle

The Pichai Predicament

Say Goodbye to Boring Data​​

The AGI Blasphemy Saga Continues

Embracing Change with A Smile

Dump Metaverse, Woo AI

The Rise of LLM Chatbots

Trust in AI systems

Chatbots are Hallucinating

Matrix Multiplication Mayhem

Old Enemies, New Threats

Pinky Promise 👋

Today, Playing Devil’s Advocate

The Artificial Intelligence we want to see in 2023

The American Dream: A Work of Fiction?

Bharat to the Rescue

Stayin’ Alive

We’ve Got Bills to Pay, Too

The Feeling of Helplessness 😣

Apple of A Kind

OpenAI Mafia

Make a Difference, Not Just Noise

ChatGPT’s Dark Mystery Revealed

Anti-AIgiarism in the Times of ChatGPT

It’s all Bleak and Bleary for Big Tech

Developers Paradise

Small Mercies

Why I closed my AI Startup?

Patent Pending: Progress Ahead ⚠️

Generative AI Sued 🙃👎💀

Racing Legend Narain Karthikeyan's AI-Powered Venture

Empires of the Cloud: Azure's Ascension

Future of AI governance and model building

Homecoming for Big Tech Boys

Banning ChatGPT: Is It Like Banning the Internet?

Back to the Future

Big tech Flocks to India's Thriving Digital Landscape

Deal Or No-deal

Clash of Tech Civilisations

Show Me the Money

Another human revolution — this time it's digital

Struggle Continues: Is the Cloud Giant Losing Ground?

Looking Back at 2022 & Happy New Year