Top Data Science Providers in India 2021

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A list of must attend Ml & data science events in coming weeks-

  • Hands-on Workshop | Accelerate PyTorch Applications Using Intel oneAPI Toolkit | 18th Aug 2021 | Register>>

  • Virtual Conference | Rakuten Applied AI Conference 2021 | 19-20th Aug 2021 | Register>>

  • Masterclass | Simplifying Data Architectures With A Unified Database | 24th Aug 2021 | Register>>

  • Hands-On Workshop | Mastering Exploratory Data Analysis | 28th Aug 2021 | Register>>

  • Virtual Conference | Deep Learning DevCon 2021 | 23-24th Sep 2021 | Register>>


Top Data Science Providers in India 2021

We curated our first Penetration and Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant almost 4 years back - an industry benchmark of vendor capabilities. Last week, we released our annual PeMa for Top Data Science Providers in India 2021.

The PeMa Quadrant is plotted based on the Penetration and Maturity scores of the companies — companies are placed in one of the four quadrants — Leaders, Seasoned Vendors, Challengers and Growth Vendors, respectively. This year 33 data science service providers made it to the quadrant. 


Why Is Federated Learning Getting So Popular

Federated Learning leverages techniques from multiple research areas such as distributed systems, machine learning, and privacy. FL is best applied in situations where the on-device data is more relevant than the data that exists on servers.

However, FL systems face various challenges such as effectiveness, efficiency, and privacy. FL enables multiple parties to jointly train a machine learning model without exchanging the local data.


Is Molecular Biology Going To Be A Bastion Of Large Tech Firms?

Till now, molecular biology used to be the prerogative of big pharmacy companies but slowly, the big tech firms are making inroads into this field. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are luring biologists and bioinformaticists from top academic institutions.

Global pharma revenues totalled $1.27 trillion in 2020. And the big tech wants a pie of it. Additionally, the field provides a wealth of real-world data for machine learning, intelligent information retrieval, case-based reasoning, and other data-hungry AI fields.


Moving Beyond Transformers

The introduction of Transformers was a game-changer in natural language understanding. Unlike DNN architectures that processed words individually and sequentially, Transformers could understand the context and the relationship between each word and all other words around it in a sentence. 

Transformer-based deep learning models have been favoured due to their advanced understanding of semantic relationships. While these models have shown great promise, it still fails at capturing nuanced understanding of individual facts.


Ten Years Of Kotlin Programming Language

Ten years ago, JetBrains announced a new statically typed programming language for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) called Kotlin. Since then, a lot has changed. Kotlin has evolved from a Java alternative to a whole ecosystem that allows writing code for different purposes, including server-side, mobile, web, data science, multi-platform projects, machine learning, etc. 


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MachineHack Launches MOCKS

In a constant endeavour to be an enabler to the Data Science community needs –   MachineHack has announced the launch of a new module called Mocks, built for aspiring, as well as working, Machine Learning developers. 

This module is for students and working professionals, looking to practice and sharpen their skills in different aspects of the data science domain. The module helps by simulating a real-time scenario of the professional assessments in the domain.  


OpenAI Releases Its Most Powerful AI Tool Yet To The Masses

On Tuesday, OpenAI announced the release of OpenAI Codex through an API in private beta. Codex is the company’s AI system that translates natural language to code. It can interpret and execute commands given in plain English – making it possible to build a natural language interface for existing apps.

Codex is designed to assist and speed up programming work for both professionals and coding amateurs. OpenAI’s demo video, which featured its founders Ilya Sutskever and Greg Brockman, demonstrated how Codex can build simple websites and rudimentary games.



Here's what all happened last week.

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Conversational AI Platform Raises $14 Million From Fractal

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What’s Bigger Than GPT3? It’s “Jurassic”

Esri India To Train Over 2 Lakh Students In GIS Technologies