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State Of Data Science In Domestic Indian Firms – 2021

We have released our annual State Of Data Science In Domestic Indian Firms for 2021. The report is an effort to get an overview of data science in domestic Indian enterprises.

Here are some key insights:
1. Analytics adoption among the largest firms in India stands at 74.5% in 2021.
2. Private Sector Banks and E-commerce sectors have the highest analytics adoption at 100.0%.
3. Around 43.4% of analytics functions of the top Indian firms are based out of Mumbai, followed by Delhi at 24.3%.
4. Almost one in three or 32.3% of analytics functions in India work to support the Sales & Marketing teams.
5. Indian firms had an analytics budget of $2 billion in 2021, with an average of $27 million per company.



Sigmoid is one of the leading data solutions company that takes the data game to the next level and helps transform data into business goals. The company offers a custom AI strategy built with a combined effort of business consultancy, data science and data engineering capabilities for the specific business requirements. This story explores how this data solutions company has successfully executed AI solutions and delivered tangible results for Fortune 500 companies. 


Fractal’s Samya Deal

Fractal has announced the acquisition of for an undisclosed amount. Samya leverages machine learning to help CPG companies realise their revenue growth potential. Analytics India Magazine caught up with the leadership of both companies to get more insight into this deal.


Featured Video | The Startup Story of Atlan - with Prukalpa Sankar, Co-founder


Is CUDA NVIDIA’s Competitive Moat?

In 2006, NVIDIA launched CUDA, touted as the world’s first solution for general computing on GPUs. Since then, the CUDA ecosystem has grown drastically. CUDA has emerged as a market differentiator for NVIDIA.

CUDA is a parallel computing platform developed by NVIDIA for general computing. GPGPU (General Purpose Computing on GPUs) refers to the use of GPUs to assist in performing tasks generally handled by CPUs. GPGPUs allow information to flow in both directions–CPU to GPU and vice versa. CUDA is a leading proprietary framework for GPGPU from NVIDIA.

CUDA software and developer base represent one of the deepest competitive moats for NVIDIA.


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Pandemic Had Relatively Less Impact On IT Industry: Amit Gajwani, Cybage

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Why We Don’t See More Robotics Startups

In April 2019, San Francisco-based robotics startup Anki shut shop after filing for bankruptcy. The same year, another robotics company, Jibo, went bust.

If history is any indication, robotics as a business is difficult to sustain. Boston Dynamics has suffered major losses in recent years. Later, automobile giant Hyundai came to the rescue of Boston Dynamics and picked up a majority stake in the company.

So, what explains the sad fate of some of the pioneering companies in the field of robotics?


China’s Answer To GPT-3

The Chinese govt-backed Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence’s (BAAI) has introduced Wu Dao 2.0, the largest language model till date, with 1.75 trillion parameters. It has surpassed OpenAI’s GPT-3 and Google’s Switch Transformer in size. Wu Dao means ‘enlightenment’ in English.

Smartphone maker Xiaomi, short-video giant Kuaishou, on-demand service provider Meituan, 100 plus scientists and multiple organisations have collaborated with BAAI on this project. 



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