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Last month, OpenAI unveiled a new programming language called Triton which enables researchers with no CUDA experience to write highly efficient GPU code. This is a significant development. 

There are many alternatives already existing to OpenAI Triton - Like NVIDIA CUDA. We explore the key differences between OpenAI Triton and NVIDIA CUDA.

For developers, we curated a beginner’s Hands-On Guide To Triton


Gaurav Dhall, India MD at SingleStore

We caught up with Gaurav Dhall, the Vice President – APJ & Middle East, Managing Director – India at SingleStore to understand how SingleStore is helping organisations scale up their storage & applications.

Gaurav currently heads SingleStore in APJ, India & Middle East and also leads the company’s business with SI partners globally.


The ‘Outdated Answers’ Problem Of Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has a lot of outdated answers/solutions
* Over 58% of the answers were probably already obsolete when posted
* Only 20.5% of obsolete answers are ever updated
* Answers under certain topics like node.js and Android are more likely to become obsolete

Stack Overflow is a great place to be if you are debugging, but it has to be used with caution. 


Why Does Self-Driving Technology Always Seems Five Years Away?

At any point in the short history of self-driving cars, its realization is always 5 years ahead. A decade ago, industry stakeholders thought that fully self-driving vehicles (SDVs) would become a reality in five years. It’s 2021 already, and there are still no signs of autonomous vehicles at a scale.

Brands like Honda, Ford, Toyota, Waymo have also made similar promises. Ironically, they all seem to have five-year projections. Despite the numerous unrealised predictions that ubiquitous SDVs are ‘only five years away,’ production-level deployment remains elusive. 


Google Announces Its Own Microprocessor Chip

Google has developed a custom-built System on a Chip (SoC), Tensor, to power Pixel phones.

“So excited to share our new custom Google Tensor chip, which has been 4 yrs in the making ( for scale)! Tensor builds off of our 2 decades of computing experience and it’s our biggest innovation in Pixel to date. Will be on Pixel 6 + Pixel 6 Pro in fall,” CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted.


Featured Video | Rakuten Product Conference (Theme: Applied AI) - Save the Date!

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Hands-on Guides for ML Developers

Exploring Panda Gym: A Multi-Goal Reinforcement Learning Environment

Hands-On Guide to Generating Artificial Faces Using Progressive GAN

Tutorial on Univariate Single-Step Style LSTM in Time Series Forecasting

Python 3.9 vs Python 3.10: A Feature Comparison

Hands-On Tutorial on Performance Measure of Stratified K-Fold Cross-Validation



Interview With Murali Gopalakrishna, GM, Robotics @ NVIDIA

We Are The First Fintech Investment Of JP Morgan In APAC: Mohan Krishnan, Founder, Global PayEX

How IIT Jodhpur Is Leading The Fundamental Research In AI & Data Science In India

Today’s Systems For Numerical Computing Are Stuck In A Local Basin Of Performance & Ease Of Use: Viral Shah, Julia Computing

How The Bengaluru Based Healthcare Startup HealthPlix Is Leveraging AI and ML


Why De-identifying Data Doesn’t Ensure Privacy

Recently the US Department of Health and Human Services has proposed amendments to the health policies under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The amendments are aimed at changing the standards impeding the transition to value-based health care by discouraging “care coordination” and “case management” communications among individuals, hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers.

What this actually means is that when health data is used for leveraging machine learning or other data driven tools, it must be “de-identified” in compliance with the HIPAA. Even if names, birthdates, gender, and other factors are removed, it doesn’t ensure privacy of patient’s records.


Google’s Quest To Become A Cloud Computing Giant

Google Cloud exceeded expectations and reported $4.63 billion in revenue in the last quarter– a 45% jump year-on-year. The operating losses have come down to $591 million from $1.43 billion last year.

Despite Google Cloud’s rapid growth, Google ranks #3 after AWS and Microsoft Azure. In the first quarter when Google lost $974 million, AWS made $4.16 billion. While Google’s market share in infrastructure cloud services has increased from 7% in 2019 to 9% now, Microsoft has grown to 20%.



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