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Metaverse: The New Buzzword

Last year, Nvidia launched a platform called Omniverse. CEO Jensen Huang said the inspiration for this platform came from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi novel ‘Snow Crash’. In a separate interview, Huang referred to Omniverse as ‘metaverse for engineers’. Last month, the same platform was used to create a virtual replica of Huang, who delivered a part of the keynote speech at the NVIDIA GTC Conference.


Making A Case Against Robot Tax

robot tax is a tax that firms would have to pay when their robot (robotic systems) replace a human worker. The basic idea of such a tax is to disincentivise firms from replacing their human workers with robots, combat alleged unemployment that may arise, and generate revenue for the government that covers the loss of revenue from payroll taxes. 

The concept seems to have a few fundamental problems.


Why Government Seems Keen On Having AI-Ready Youth

NITI Aayog, back in June 2018, released the National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence, and now PM Narendra Modi launched the ‘AI for All’ initiative by CBSE. An approach towards fulfilling NEP 2020 objectives, the government seems keen to have youth ready for the future. But, why?


Conspiracy Theorists Says The Internet Has Been Dead Since 2016

What if one were to tell you that your virtual world, the internet, has also been dead for a while; and your whole life is a world of fiction. The chances are that you might be reading this in a computer-generated reality, and the world as you know it is all a lie. Welcome, the Dead Internet theory

The Dead Internet conspiracy theory posits that the internet, in its current form, is mainly generated by artificial intelligence networks and feels devoid of human touch.


SEBI Shortlists 5 Indian Firms For Data Analytics

India’s securities and commodity market regulator, SEBI, recently shortlisted five companies to implement the data analytics projects for tracking possible market manipulations such as insider trading and front running. 

The selected companies are expected to build analytical models, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. Besides this, the companies are also required to build custom applications as per SEBI’s requirements.The selected companies are expected to build analytical models


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Inside HugsVision

A researcher from Avignon University recently released an open-source, easy-to-use wrapper to Hugging Face for Healthcare Computer Vision, called HugsVision. This new toolkit is used to develop state-of-the-art computer vision technologies, including systems for image classification, semantic segmentation, object detection, image generation, denoising, etc. 


Tableau 2021.3 Is Here

Tableau’s easy-to-use user interface and loaded features have made it a popular tool amongst the community, and even a non-technical user can easily work on it. It recently released an update to its 2021 version, the Tableau 2021.3. Released on 7 September 2021, the new update aims to bring more efficiency and tools to enhance workflow.

Here are some exciting features from the latest update.



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