More Than 1 In 5 Analytics Teams Grew In India Amid The Pandemic

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Data Science education is almost a billion $ market in India. But with the proliferation of education institutes and courses, learners are extremely confused about which course/institute to opt for.
Add to it the plethora of course names, durations, degrees etc which does not alleviate the confusion.

We always wanted to create a platform where learners and providers can meet and help potential students make informed decision about their future.

This initiative has now taken shape. We launched SkillUp 2021, a first of a kind education fair exclusively for Data Science and AI. This 2-day virtual fair will attract over 4,000 prospective learners exploring data science education from some top-notch institutes in India & abroad.

We closed more than 1500 registrations on the first day of launch. The registrations are open and free for the first 3000 participants.

Here are our 10 best stories from last week.


How Innovaccer Is Powering Healthcare Industry With Its Data Activation Platform

Innovaccer has made a great name in the healthcare analytics space. So far, the company’s products have been deployed by over 10,000 providers across 500 locations.

Founded by three friends Abhinav Shashank, Kanav Hasija and Sandeep Gupta, Innovaccer has become one of the leading healthcare activation platform companies in the last six years.

We recently spoke to Sandeep Gupta, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Innovaccer.


New Report: More Than One In Five Analytics Teams Grew In India Amid The Pandemic

The analytic team sizes of 21% of Indian firms grew in the last 12 months amid the pandemic, AIMResearch found.

The report, titled ‘Impact of Pandemic on Analytics Team Sizes In India’, analysed the impact of the pandemic on analytics team sizes in firms across India. The data for the study was collated from various online sources like LinkedIn and online job portals for a period of 12 months from Feb 2020 to Jan 2021.


Who’s Afraid Of NVIDIA-Arm?

In one of the most talked-about deals last year, NVIDIA acquired Arm Limited for $40 billion (literally costing them an arm and a leg). Arm is a leading technology provider of processor IP catering to a wide range of customers, including NVIDIA’s direct competitors.

Many tech companies took an issue with the acquisition in the light of its potential to eat into their businesses. The latest to join the chorus of opposition is chip titan Qualcomm.


Featured Video | 40 Under 40 Data Scientists 2021

40Under40 is an attempt at recognizing the leading data scientists in India who have successfully transformed data into meaningful insights.

The award recognizes India’s young Data Scientists and leaders who are supporting the growth of analytics in their organisation, have deep industry and analytics expertise and are addressing the insights gap for clients by addressing their most complex challenges.


Can Splunk Replicate The Success Of Snowflake, Alteryx And Databricks?

Splunk has ticked all the right boxes until now and is positioned for growth in leaps and bounds. Further. the company has hedged its bets with strategic acquisitions and a VC venture. That said, the data science vendor market is a tricky place where the goalposts are moved every minute.

Meaning, Splunk needs to be on its toes if it were to replicate the success of  Alteryx, Snowflake and Databricks. 


Top Hands-On Guides of the Week

Run A Development Server For Flask Web Applications Using Google Colab

How To Create A Game Character Face Using Python & Deep Learning

Guide to TimeSynth - A Python Library For Synthetic Time Series Generation

Hands-on to ReAgent: End-to-End Platform for Applied Reinforcement Learning

Guide To PP-YOLO: An Efficient Implementation Of Object Detector


Does Deep Reinforcement Learning Really Work For Robotics?

When it comes to DeepRL deployment in real world robotics, collecting high-quality data becomes challenging. This in turn makes generalization difficult. RL generalization typically refers to transfer learning between tasks.

Achieving generalisation in robotics requires reinforcement learning algorithms that take advantage of vast amounts of prior data as opposed to computer vision, where humans can label the data. DeepRL agents struggle to transfer their experience to new environments.


Microsoft Excel Is Turing Complete. What Does It Mean?

With the introduction of LAMBDA, Excel has now become a full-fledged programming language. According to Microsoft, Excel is Turing-complete, and users can write any computation in Excel formula language.


Google Releases Tensorflow 3D. What Exactly Is It?

3D scene understanding is critical in object detection, human-centric understanding, and graphics. Though computer vision has made significant progress through mobile 3D object detection and transparent object detection, the number of tools that can be applied to 3D data is still limited.

To improve 3D scene understanding, Google has now developed TensorFlow 3D — a highly modular library to bring 3D deep learning capabilities to TensorFlow.



Here's what all happened last week.

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