Is Data Science Industry Maturing?

& How APIs Breathe Life Into ML Organisations

We successfully concluded the 3rd Edition of Machine Learning Developers Summit yesterday. With more than 1100 ML enthusiasts joining the virtual conference, we saw more than 50 hours of content over 3 days, including workshops, tech talks, paper presentations and a hackathon.

We will be hosting more conferences & engaging events in the coming months, but here are few for the coming week that you can join.

We are starting a new masterclass series for data science job seekers. Called “Deeper Insights", we shall invite an HR leader of a data science recruiter every week for an "Ask-me-anything" session. Participants can ask questions around the open positions, work culture, hiring process and other details from the HR leaders.
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Here are our 10 best stories from last week.


Is Data Science Industry Maturing?

San Francisco- based Databricks closed a $1 billion late-stage round led by Franklin Templeton. Canada Pension Plan investment board, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Salesforce Ventures have also participated in the Series G funding.

The billion-dollar investment came in the wake of Databricks’ partnership with the cloud companies, which CEO Ali Ghodsi called a ‘symbiotic relationship of strategic importance’.

With such firms attracting significant investments, is the data science industry maturing?


How APIs Breathe Life Into ML Organisations

APIs are doorways between two software applications and become extremely powerful when tailored to the needs of the developers.

In 2019, machine learning as a service (MLaaS) raked in an estimated $1 billion and is expected to grow to $8.4 billion by the end of 2025. The success of these services can be traced to the customised APIs.

APIs can act as a conduit between innovation and incentives. No matter what kind of machine learning product you are building, it eventually boils down to whether the customer can deploy these models with just a few clicks. APIs help do this.


Global Chip Crisis Just Got Real

Recently, American MNC Qualcomm said it is struggling to keep up with the dramatic rise in demand for chips. The world’s largest chipmaker was reading out the writing on the wall.  

The chip shortage has also taken a significant toll on the automobile sector and has now spilt over to other industries. When chipmakers sneeze, the whole world catches a cold.


Featured Video | Police in India to use AI | The Dilemma of Justice

According to the latest news reports India is marching steadily into implementing predictive policing through AI in our justice system.

But are we even ready for a change as big as this? Let’s analyse in this weeks episode of down the rabbit hole.


When Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

Recently, Elon Musk’s startup, Neuralink, has wired up a monkey to play video games by planting a computer chip in its skull.

Neuralink is trying to develop an implementable computer-brain interface to increase information flow rate from the human brain to a machine. The San Francisco- based neurotechnology firm comprises a team of around 100 people.

In light of recent developments, we look at some of the ethical implications of introducing such devices in the human brain.


Top Hands-On Guides of the Week

Guide To BenchmarkDotNet: A Benchmarking Library For DOTNET Developers

Guide to pgmpy: Probabilistic Graphical Models with Python Code

Guide To TAPAS (TAble PArSing)

Guide to MESA: Boost Ensemble Imbalanced Learning with MEta-SAmpler

Introduction To Infer.NET - A Framework For Probabilistic Programming


How Andy Jassy Will Lead Amazon’s AI Strategy?

Andy Jassy is the man who built Amazon’s cloud business from scratch, making it the most profitable technology company in the world. Joined in 1997 as a deputy of Bezos, Jassy became the head of AWS division in 2016, which currently accounts for most of Amazon’s revenue.

A recent report shows AWS dominates the cloud market with an estimated $20 billion in IaaS cloud revenue in 2019, leading with a 45% market share.

Jassy has big shoes to fill. His leadership will be tested, especially on the AI strategy front.


How Ninjacart Utilises AI

Launched in 2015, Ninjacart has now transitioned into one of the largest B2B fresh produce supply chains in India. Driven by the vision to ‘change the way India consumes food’, Ninjacart has expanded its footprint to 11 major cities across India.

Analytics India Magazine caught up with Thirukumaran Nagarajan, co-founder and CEO of Ninjacart, to delve deep into the mechanism powering the company’s operations.


Data Science Hiring Process At Avast

Avast is one of the world’s largest security companies that relies on next-gen technologies to fight cyber attacks in real-time. Data scientists form an integral part of their team. 

In recent years, the company has increased its focus on growing data-literacy across Avast through special data-only events for all employees.

We got in touch with Jon Hill, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Avast, to know more about the hiring process, skills required and more. 



Here's what all happened last week.

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One Plus Co-Founder Raises $15 Million For 'Nothing'

NIIT University Launches B.Tech In Data Science

Budget 2021: Govt. To Use AI & Analytics For Monitoring GST Tax Evasion

Budget 2021: Govt. To Set Up A Fintech Hub At Gift City