Intel Outside, Become a Data Engineer & free access to courses

The Belamy | 7th Feb 2021

ok so, Machine Learning Developers Summit is scheduled for next week. And we are geared up to host it.

With more than 1000 ML developers attending the conference, expect a power-packed 3 days with tech talksworkshopspaper presentations, Hackathon and 40 under 40 awards.

Thanks to all our sponsors, you help us take up more initiatives that help solidify AI & data science in India - Stryker, Genpact, dunnhumby, Ugam, MathLogic.

There still time to register for the conference - just head over to this link.

Here are our 10 best stories from last week.


Intel Outside

Intel has fallen behind TSMC and Samsung in the race to chips supremacy. TSMC makes chips for Intel competitors, including Nvidia and AMD. Intel’s major restructuring comes at a time when the demand for chips is at an all-time high.

This rise in demand also coincides with the success of AI-based applications on the edge. And, when it comes to hardware for AI, NVIDIA and Intel are leading the pack. The integrated solutions of these chipmakers power data centres, work stations, edge devices and many more. In spite of Intel’s dominant market share in the data centre markets, the stakeholders feel threatened by chip makers who are upstaging Intel on both design and manufacturing fronts.


Become a Data Engineer – The Fastest Growing Tech Career In The World

The demand for Big Data professionals – data scientists, data engineers, ML engineers – has seen explosive growth in recent times – and this has further accelerated due to the rapid COVID-driven digitalisation. The availability of trained resources, however, has not been able to keep pace with the demand. This presents a great opportunity for professionals to learn these skills and build exciting and rewarding careers.  


Alteryx provides free access to data science courses

The courses are designed to help new entrants in data analytics and also those impacted by COVID-19. The new offering as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiative, Alteryx For Good, ADAPT will equip learners with the skills required to enter a desirable field or make strides in the current career path.

Alteryx believes any data worker in an organisation can tackle sophisticated analytical tasks if empowered with the right training, technology and tools.


Featured Video | Tech Highlights from Budget 2021

The budget has come at a time when the country is still struggling with the massive economic slowdown precipitated by COVID pandemic. Marking a significant shift in India’s digital journey, the Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, has presented the first-ever digital budget for the upcoming fiscal year starting April 2021. Her budget speech touched upon “proliferation of technologies, especially analytics, machine learning, robotics, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence.”


Data Science Hiring Process At Fiat Chrysler Automobiles India

Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA), now called Stellantis post its merger with Groupe PSA, has a dedicated Data Services CoE that is integral to FCA’s growth plans. This horizontal centre of excellence operates with a high degree of autonomy and provides analytics and data science expertise across the various business IT verticals.

Through the Data Services CoE, the company aims to build an innovation powerhouse to harness the intelligence enabled by data to create exciting products and services and quickly adapt to customers’ evolving needs.


Top Hands-On Guides of the Week

Guide to SOLO and SOLOv2: Ways To Implement Instance Segmentation

Hands-On Python Guide to Optuna - A New Hyperparameter Optimization Tool

How To Supercharge Your Machine Learning Experiments with

CrypTen - A Research Tool for Secure and Privacy-Preserving ML in Pytorch

Comprehensive Guide To Demand Forecasting Using ML.NET


Google’s New Approach To AutoML

Recently, Google Brain researchers have introduced a new way of programming automated machine learning (AutoML) based on symbolic programming. The researchers also proposed PyGlove, a general symbolic programming library for Python, to implement the symbolic formulation of AutoML.

AutoML, designed to fill the machine learning industry’s talent gap, is gaining traction among various organisations.


Liquid Neural Network

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed ‘liquid network’, a neural network that can learn on the job.

Liquid networks can continuously adapt to new data inputs in real-time to anticipate future behaviour enabling algorithms to make decisions based on data streams that change over time.


Why Consumer Insights And Analytics Teams Should Merge

Consumer insights (CI) refers to the practice of looking for patterns in customer behaviour and using the findings to inform a business’ marketing strategy. Organisations usually have dedicated CI teams to improve their product pipeline and push sales.

Of late, companies have started leveraging data to gain insights into their potential consumers. Though analytics teams have become an integral part of the decision-making process, some companies still keep the CI teams siloed.



Here's what all happened last week.

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Budget 2021: Govt. To Set Up A Fintech Hub At Gift City