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How Much Does A Data Engineer Make In India?

In this report, we will study the salaries earned by Data Engineers. We will analyse the salary trends of these professionals across different parameters like work experience, industries, cities, education, and gender. This report can be used by recruiters as a benchmark when hiring Data Engineers or by analytics professionals looking for new job opportunities in Data Engineering to command competitive salaries. 

According to our research, Data Engineers currently employed in India command a median salary of INR 12.3 Lakhs per annum.


India Releases Its First Quantum Computing Toolkit

India has reached a significant milestone in its research and development history. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has released a long-awaited quantum computing simulation toolbox. This is also the first ‘Quantum Computer Simulator (QSim) Toolkit’ in the country.

As per the report, IISc Bangalore, IIT Roorkee, and C-DAC have joined together for the first time in India to tackle the shared issue of expanding the quantum computing research frontiers in the nation. The major benefit is that the researchers and students will be able to conduct quantum computing research cost-effectively using this device.


Databricks Is The Next Big Thing For Indian Enterprise AI

Databricks set foot on Indian soil back in 2017. Since then, the company has grown at a brisk pace while attracting a talented pool of data specialists. Today, the company’s data teams support 5,000+ global customers.

Databricks’ rise in popularity also coincides with India’s rapid pace of digital transition. India started out as a testbed for outsourcing and backend services for global companies is now quickly moving to be the centre for startups, fintech, and software development. These new-age startups and data-rich legacy organisations need tools that allow them to tap into the data they have at hand. Databricks’ custom made lakehouse and other ML tools are the right fit for any such use cases.


How to prepare for leading Analytics professional certifications

Last week, we did a series of preparation tips for some leading data science certifications available in the market today.

AWS offers different certification programs to recognize talents in different fields. In the field of Data Science and Machine Learning, it offers two popular certifications – AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty and AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty.

Google Cloud offers a very certification named “Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer”.

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) is such a premier and classic certification intended for analytics professionals.  


Intel® Hands-On Workshop: Accelerate PyTorch Applications Using Intel oneAPI Toolkit

Intel® announces oneAPI DevSummit, Asia-Pacific & Japan, for HPC and AI developers working with CPU & GPU. Join us at the summit scheduled for 15th September 2021.


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Intel Enters GPU Market. Is It Late To The Party?

Intel recently announced Intel Arc, its upcoming consumer graphics product. This brand will cover hardware, software, and services. Under Arc, Intel introduced its first generation of GPUs based on the Xe HPG microarchitecture. Formerly called DG2, it is now code-named Alchemist.

With Alchemist, Intel is attempting to break into a pre-crowded market. Experts believe that Intel attempts to rival NVIDIA and AMD and that Arc will be less capable at raytracing due to having lower ray tracing units than the competition; however, Intel’s AI assistance in supersampling technologies could give AMD and Nvidia some competition.  


Why Should We Care About AI-Generated Music?

In the near future, it would be likely that AI could compose structured music from scratch, but the question here is whether AI models for music generation will be used to compose entire musical pieces from scratch or whether these models would be more useful as an aid to composers, and thus, as an interaction between humans and AI.



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