AI's Emission Problem, Reddy’s Wager & more in this week's Belamy

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SingleStore: The One Stop Shop For Everything Data

Nikita Shamgonov co-founded SingleStore (then called MemSQL) in 2011 with an aim to build a modern database to help companies scale. The company started with just ten engineers and has now grown to over 300.

The year 2021 started on a good note for SingleStore. With a recently secured funding of $80 million, the company announced a few high-profile hires in a bid to strengthen its core executive bench.

Data management and analytics are poised to be one of the fastest-growing services in the future, and SingleStore is all armed to play a big role in it.


AI Has An Emission Problem

According to Google Flights’ estimate, a round trip of a fully-loaded passenger jet between San Francisco and New York would release 180 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Meanwhile, the training emissions of Google’s 11 billion parameter T5 language model and OpenAI’s GPT-3(175 billion parameters) stand ~26%,  ~305% of the round trip, respectively.
The “state-of-the-art” models require a substantial amount of computational resources and energy, leading to high environmental costs.


Reddy’s Wager

Dr. Raj Reddy has been pushing the boundaries of AI for many decades now. He also has this habit of engaging in friendly wagers with his peers about futuristic technologies. Usually, Reddy would posit an idea or an innovation that borders on optimism. His colleagues would then take the opposite stance of his almost impossible-sounding techno-optimism.

Last week, Reddy and fellow computer scientists came together for a virtual event organized by CHM to fete Reddy. And Reddy came up with a new wager. He posited that in ten years, we will have a 21st-century version of babel fish, in the form of an earpiece that can translate hundreds of languages in real-time. Babel Fish was a prop in the sci-fi blockbuster Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy.


Featured Video | The Journey of Zoox - The future of Autonomus Driving


Did Windows 11 Take A Leaf Out Of Mac Playbook?

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Windows 11 operating system. The latest OS will hit the shelves later this year. However, Microsoft has released a Windows 11 Insider Preview for testing purposes. Windows Insiders can download the build 22000.51 that includes access to the new start menu, multitasking features, and a revamped Microsoft store.


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New License Agreement For Open-Source Datasets

The Linux Foundation has announced the release of the new license agreement, CDLA-Permissive-2.0. It’s a short, simple, and broad agreement to enable wider and more open use of data, particularly with respect to artificial intelligence and machine learning models. IBM and Microsoft have already made their datasets available under CDLA-Permissive 2.0.


Didi Chuxing’s Prize-Winning Real-Time 2D Object Detection Framework

Automobile firms like Waymo and Tesla are doubling down on the work on fully-self driving systems to achieve Level 5 autonomy. Chinese researchers from Didi Chuxing and Tianjin University have now introduced a real-time method to detect 2D objects from images.

The proposed detection framework came second in the Waymo Open Dataset (WOD) Challenges with 75 percent L1 mAP and 69.72 mAP in the real-time 2D detection track while achieving the latency of 45.8 ms per frame on the NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU.



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