AI Unicorns, Benchmarks & Geoff Hinton’s Latest Idea

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Rise Of AI Unicorns In India

Two startups, Innovaccer and Digit Insurance, have become the latest entrants to the unicorn club. Though the pandemic dealt a body blow to the Indian economy, as many as 11 startups earned unicorn tags during the black swan year 2020. As per an AIMResearch report, AI startups in India attracted a total of $836.3 million in funding in 2020 — the largest in seven years with 9.7 percent year-on-year growth.

Inarguably, the tech space is brimming with potential. But is the growth sustainable?


Making A Case For Better Benchmarks In AI

Stanford University recently released the 2021 AI Index, highlighting major trends and advancements in artificial intelligence.

The highlights from the 2021 report included AI research citations, AI startup fundings, and growing conversation around AI ethics. One of the more significant observations made in the report was about the need for more and better benchmarks in AI and other related fields such as ethics, NLP, and computer vision.


Geoff Hinton’s Latest Idea Has The Potential To Break New Ground

Humans have an innate ability to guess the size, shape and type of an object from a partial view. The brain fills in the unknowns in a fraction of seconds. To mimic such operations, the machines would need much larger real estate and many million dollars (think GPUs, data centers, funding). So, cutting down extra memory or in AI context, smaller training data is of great significance.

Turing award recipient Geoffrey Hinton of Google Research introduces an idea called “GLOM” inspired by biology, mathematics and neural scene representations.


Featured Video | We’ll never have true AI without first understanding the brain

We have started a new series of videos where we bring the latest happenings in the space of AI every day.


Can Deep Nostalgia Turn Into Another Deepfake Fiasco?

Deep Nostalgia has created a lot of buzz in the industry, where people are using the AI-based app to animate their old family pictures into a short fake video. If you thought Deepfake videos could pose dangerous implications, wait until you see what its purported sister ‘Deep Nostalgia’ can do.

Deepfake, deep learning, and now Deep Nostalgia are all the brainchildren of the deep tech class of organisations that use emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, etc., to innovate and come up with innovations.


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Cloud Vs On-premise Debate Flares Up In The Wake Of Solarwinds Attack

In a joint hearing on Friday, former SolarWinds CEO Kevin Thompson blamed an intern for posting the naive “solarwinds123” password, on their own private GitHub account. Solorigate body count includes nine federal agencies; agencies that oversee nuclear weapons.

Microsoft President Brad Smith, who has been representing the company in all the hearings, said the Solorigate investigation indicates that all the attacks started “on premise”.


Bridging The Gap Between AI Policymakers and AI Developers

AI firms have been accused of playing fast and loose with the decision-making algorithms and their social and cultural implications. The ethical side of these firms leaves something to be desired.

The current gap in policymakers’ tech knowledge and technologists’ ethics knowledge needs to be bridged to ensure AI’s sustainable development.



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