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Cloudera Data Platform

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) — a unique approach to enterprise data, launched in 2019 — is a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud data management solution fully integrated with data engineering and machine learning that enables easy, fast, and secure enterprise analytics. With CDP, Cloudera provides the ability to deliver analytics as a service in any cloud environment.


Data Sciences and Analytics Programme At eClerx

eClerx, recognised as one of the Top 50 Firms in India for Data Scientists To Work For in 2021, has been the partner of choice to several Fortune® 500 enterprises. Founded by Anjan Malik and PD Mundhra in 2000, eClerx was also the first KPO to go public and get listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2007.

In this five-part series, we will be turning the spotlight on eClerx’s Data Sciences and Analytics (DSA) Programme, which is at the forefront of helping businesses build and scale well-articulated data, analytics and AI strategy to deliver transformational business outcomes.


Beyond BERT

Modern day search engines are powered by incredibly large language models (eg: BERT) that do well with Q&A format. One of the main reasons why large pre-trained LMs are so successful is that they learn highly effective contextual representations.

But, how do we know the results are right? It is true that the internet has made it easier to retrieve information, thanks to the ranking algorithms. But the lack of provenance of these search results allows misinformation to flourish.  


DeepMind Open Sources AlphaFold 2.0

AlphaFold 2.0 was released in December 2020 and the algorithm has been making waves ever since. DeepMind has a reputation for being secretive about its work.

Last week, the Alphabet-owned research lab DeepMind announced that it is making AlphaFold 2.0 source code public. And there's a story behind it. Inspired by AlphaFold 2.0, a team of researchers from the University of Washington created an alternative open-source model RoseTTAFold. The team claimed that their model achieved similar results as AlphaFold 2.0, under lower computational costs.

Soon after, DeepMind open-sourced the code. Competition is good - at the end, the winner is the larger ML community.


Featured Video | In conversation with Jamshid A. Vayghan - IBM Global CTO

Dr. Jamshid A. Vayghan – IBM Global CTO and VP for Vodafone at IBM shared his lifelong journey on how his first job as a Chemical Engineer at tyre manufacturing industry brought him closer to automation.

He completed his Masters and PhD in the field of Artificial Intelligence from the University of Minnesota. He shared his thoughts on his daily life at IBM, research work he did in his lifetime, advice for aspirants, and working professionals in the field of machine learning.


Hands-on Guides for ML Developers

Guide To Question Answer Retrieval With Multilingual Universal Sentence Encoder

Comprehensive Guide To Web Scraping With Selenium

Guide To AC and PAC Plots In Time Series

Real-World Blind Face Restoration with Generative Facial Prior

Beginners Guide To SQL (With Python Codes)



How MongoDB Emerged As A Leading General-Purpose Data Platform In 12 Years

Senthil Ramani, Head Of Accenture Applied Intelligence (Growth Markets), Shares Hiring Secrets

Interview With Prof B Ravindran, Head, Robert Bosch Centre For Data Science & AI, IIT Madras

How This Hyderabad-based Startup Is Leveraging AI And ML To Smoothen Customer Experience


OpenAI Disbands Its Robotics Team

Last month, OpenAI cofounder Wojciech Zaremba said the company has disbanded its robotics team.

OpenAI’s move away from robotics reflects the economic realities and capital intensive nature of the projects. Three years ago, Rethink Robotics was acquired by HAHN Group. Last year, the maker of driverless trucks, Starsky Robot shut shop. Same year, SoftBank halted the production of its famed robot Pepper. SoftBank acquired Boston Dynamics from Google in 2017 and recently sold the robotics company to Hyundai for $1.1 billion.


How Reliable Are Machine Learning Model Diagnostics

Machine learning(ML) models are increasingly migrating from lab environments to real world setups. The models in deployment incorporate few tools to run the diagnostics–to keep an eye on models during training.

But, how reliable are the diagnostics and, more importantly, who watches the watchmen? Diagnostics help practitioners understand the failure modes and capabilities of large contemporary models and also improve models.



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